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Faith Walker Foundation operates as a 501(3)(c) to assist persons affected by critical and terminal illnesses or conditions that affect their ability to maintain their positions within the workplace, including those with special needs. We help to ensure that the quality of life before the diagnosis remains intact so that the fight is only to stay healthy and not that of remaining financially sound.
While founded in March 2018, our passion reaches back decades, as our founder, Jocelyn Gordon Walker, felt compelled to help others after assisting both her grandmothers through their cancer battles, losing a grandfather and great-grandfather to cancer and fighting cancer herself. 
One person in particular, Whitley Littlejohn, solidified the need for our foundation, as Jocelyn worked along side several volunteers who came to Whitley's aid months before her death. At 29 years young, Whitley was alone, after the death of both her mother and grandmother (both cancer related deaths) raising her 6 year old son and 15 year old sister. 
With no ability to work, Whitley struggled to maintain "normalcy" for herself, her son and sister all while fighting the greatest fight of her life against cervical cancer. Sweet Whitley fought long and hard but decided to finally rest on March 7, 2018.
Our founder, Jocelyn Gordon Walker vowed to do her best to take the stress and worry out of the equation of getting better for those affected by such depilating illnesses. 'You should never have to worry about money while fighting for your life," Jocelyn has stated over and over again. The Faith Walker Foundation is here to help eliminate those worries; one person at a time.



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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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